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Mobile Casino Gambling Frequently Asked Questions

Learn all about mobile casino gambling and mobile casinos here.

Is my handset OK for mobile casino play?
The simple answer is probably.  In broad terms your phone/PDA needs to be WAP/GPRS  enabled/capable which includes almost all phones currently on the market and most sold in the last couple of years.

To find out for sure visit our compatible handsets page which lists all handsets that accept casino games offered by most mobile casinos.  All casinos also offer a comprehensive list of all handsets that accept their games.

Does it matter who my mobile service provider is?
Yes.  While most service providers will provide the necessary service levels to support 3rd party application downloads, some may not.  All UK and the vast majority of EU players will find that their service provider does support casino application downloads.  Some US providers (eg Verizon) may not so if you are intent on playing in this case you may need to switch to another provider like T-Mobile or Sprint to gamble on your phone.

Most casinos suggest you follow their 'getting started' instructions and if you encounter download difficulties have their support staff direct you as to the steps you need to take to remedy the issue.

Am I charged at call rates for the duration of game play?
No.  Mobile casino games require a GPRS connection not just a simple WAP connection.  This means that your connectivity during play will be over a high speed data service that is "always on" and is tied into your network provider's existing GSM network.  Charges for usage will be data download based not call time based, and you will not incur an international call charges if the casino is in a different country to you (ie like surfing the net on your PC).

Your mobile service provider charge for play will therefore depend on your data download rates.  As a guide, Tropez Mobile estimate that each game round (deal, spin, roll plus bet) takes approximately 1kb.

What is WAP and GPRS?
WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocal.  WAP enables you to access the internet on your mobile phone.  But internet access via WAP is on a "call" basis so you are charged by your carrier based on the time you are connected.

GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service.  It is an "always on" data service tied into existing GSM networks that are provided by a carrier network provider.  When connected to the internet via GPRS, you are charged for data transferred regardless of the length of your connection.

You will need both WAP and GPRS enabled on your handset  for mobile casino play.  Your phone is either WAP enabled or not depending on the handset model.  Your service provider will be able to enable GPRS on your service and this shouldn't take longer than a couple hours following your request.

Is getting started difficult?
No.  Each casino will guide you through the specifics of their registration/download process, which as a general includes:
  • open an account with the casino at their website;
  • select which game you want to download and play;
  • provide your mobile number;
  • you will then be sent an SMS with all download instructions.

The process is a simple and intuitive one and support is available 24/7 if you run into any difficulties.

Is the download a massive file that will cause problems with my phone?
No.  Unlike PC casino games where an entire game suite is downloaded, for mobile games downloads are on a game by game basis and the games are cut down lite versions. 

32Red Mobile estimate that a single game download should take no more than 2 minutes on the average GPRS connection, while Bodod Mobile advise that each of their games will use between 125 kb and 175 kb of your phone's memory.

Is it secure playing for real money on my mobile?
Each casino employs 128 Bit SSL encryption technology to all data served over the mobile connection.  This is the same level of encryption technology that is used on (PC) internet casinos and internet financial transaction websites like your bank's secure pages or payment pages at e-tailers like Amazon.

The casinos encourage any queries regarding the security of their service and these may be directed to their support teams.  It is worth noting that while the online casino industry has, since its inception in 1997, come under fire for many reasons ranging from problem gambling concerns to taking revenue from terrestrial gambling operators, their online security measures have never been questioned. 

What if I receive a phone call mid-deal, or my connection drops out?
A record of games is kept on the casino servers so any interruption,  whether it be an incoming phone call, incoming SMS, service drop-out, or flat battery will not cause data to be lost.  You will be able to continue the game from exactly the same point at which you left it when the interruption occurred.

Depending on your mobile network and the nature of the disruption the game will either pause automatically or disconnect.  If it pauses, you will be automatically returned to the game at the precise point you left it when the disruption ends.  If the disruption caused a game to disconnect, you will need to re-open the game, which may require a re-login and you will be returned to the precise point you left it when the disruption occurred.

I am having problems getting started?
Common problems getting started include:
  • I received the SMS but can't download the games.
    This is typically a result of incorrect GPRS settings and is easily fixed by having your mobile service provider enable GPRS on your handset.
  • I can't access the game because of content blocking.
    As casino games may only be made legally available to persons over 18 years of age, mobile service providers will not allow these game downloads to handsets registered to minors.  In this case, you either should not be downloading the game, or if you are over 18, your phone is incorrectly registered as being owned by a minor and you need to talk to your service provider to have this remedied.
  • I launched the game and started playing but the graphics are just looping.
    If your graphics are looping your connection has dropped out.  Once the connection resumes, the game will return you to the point where you left it and resume properly.
  • The graphics on my game are slow and jerky.
    On some phones, typically older models have bad sound players that cause the game graphics to distort.  If this is the case, turn sound off on your phone settings and this should remedy the problem.  New handsets shouldn't encounter this issue.

Most other problem will be specific to your chosen casino, handset and service provider and are best tackled by getting the casino's support team on the case.

What happens if I get a new phone?
As the game software is stored on your handset, if you get a new phone, you will need to re-download your chosen game(s) at your chosen casino(s) onto your new handset. 

Typically your account is identified by your SIM, so if you retain your SIM, all that will be required to begin playing again is a download.  If you have a new SIM you will need to re-register with your casino before you can download and play..

It is recommended that if you discard your phone that you remove the casino application from it.

Any questions regarding changing handsets should be directed to your casino's support team.

Is it legal to play casino games on my mobile phone?
Legalities differ from one country to the next.  For a more detailed discussion of legal issues specific to each jurisdiction visit our mobile gambling legal issues page.  As a general rule though, laws pertaining to internet or remote casino gambling services (including mobile gambling) are aimed at operators of gambling services and not customers.

If your chosen casino cannot provide their services to you for legal reasons they should let you know.

How do I know the games aren't rigged?
This is a concern that internet gambles have had ever since the first casinos starting taking bets in 1997.  After all, you are playing against a computer program not a real live dealer.

Game event outcomes, ie the next card dealt, or where the ball stops on a roulette wheel, are dictated by random number generators within the software.  But simply being told this isn't of itself a convincing proposition.

To alleviate the concern over random outcomes, the larger online casinos have for years now had their historical return to player ratios audited by independent parties to prove that returns are in the same range as land based casino game returns. 

Microgaming, one of the largest casino software licensors (whose software powers Ladbrokes Mobile, 32Red Mobile, Platinum Play Mobile and Royal Vegas Mobile) originally engaged the services of PriceWaterhouseCoopers to audit their payout ratio and provide publicly available reports for each licensee casino every month.  They now engage eCOGRA.  Another large software licensor, Playtech (whose software powers Tropez Mobile), engage Technical Systems Testing to audit and report its licensee casino returns by game.

What the reports show is that RTP rates from online casino games are consistent with their land based counterparts.  These reports are published and available for viewing at the casinos websites.

The audits and reports undertaken include mobile casino games offered by the casinos listed on this site.

If the games aren't rigged will I win?
You have just as much chance winning playing blackjack or baccarat on your mobile phone as you do sitting at a table at Bellagio Las Vegas or Crown Casino in Melbourne.  Does that mean you are guaranteed a win?  Of course not.

It is worth noting that all casino games have an inbuilt mathematical house edge.  The house edge is a function of the game's rules (can't be changed) and player skill (can be changed).  However, even if played optimally, a house edge, although close to zero for certain games, still exists.  While players can win in the short to medium term, mathematical probability dictates that over extended periods it is likely the house will win.

The house edge for optimal play varies considerably from one game to the next, so it pays to play the better returning games.  For more details on this visit 4 Online Gambling's best returning casino games page.

Are these casinos licensed?
Yes.  For full details check their profiles on this site, but all of the casinos listed here are licensed in either:
  • Gibraltar and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (32 Red, Ladbrokes)
  • Kahnawake, North America and regulated by the Interactive Gaming Council (Platinum Play, Royal Vegas, Bodog
  • Antigua Barbuda and regulated by Antigua's Directorate of Offshore Gaming (Tropez)  All Rights Reserved

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